After consulting with both City and State officials and studying the reopening plans for both New Jersey and New York it has become apparent that we will not be able to proceed with the large-scale Jersey City LGBTQ+ Pride Festival event on August 22nd. While it saddens us to have to make this decision we have no other choice given the current state of affairs concerning COVID-19. 
We will however be working with local organizations, artists and event producers to provide virtual Pride events throughout the summer, and we will also be working with local restaurants and venues on small scale Pride events during Jersey City Pride Month in August. On August 22nd we will  be broadcasting a special live stream virtual Pride event and will be working with bars and restaurants to host viewing parties throughout the city that day. 
The mission of the Jersey City LGBTQ+ Pride Festival is to build community and in this spirit we will be working with businesses and organizations that have supported us to ensure that they are able to get back on their feet. While we won’t be celebrating Pride in the usual way we ask that you join us as we celebrate Pride virtually ands in smaller scale events. Next year is our 20th Anniversary and we will be coming back bigger and better than ever. Please check the events tab for updates on 2020 JC Pride events.
Remember that while the large festival is an expression of our pride as a community, pride is something much greater than a day or a month. We as LGBTQ+ people have fought long and hard to get to where we are today and pride is an emotion that lives within us and can never be taken away. 
Photo Credit: Richard McCormack & Zoltan Suhay

Song Credit: Gomi & Mila Jam – This Is Love (Adam G Remix) 

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