Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the 19TH Annual Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival. Registration has closed for this year.

Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival has a few rules for our volunteers so please take the time to read the Volunteer Rules and the Volunteer Agreement. We will try to make your experience at the Festival enjoyable and fun. But we ask you to please adhere to the rules during your shift.


Volunteer Rules


  • Check in at the VOLUNTEER Table 15 minutes prior to your start time. A 2019 Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival badge will be given to you at the check-in table. The badge must be worn at all times during your shift.


  • Volunteers are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages during their shift. The volunteer Badge must be removed when your shift ends.


  • Stay in your assigned area until your shift has ended.


  • Coordinators will allot breaks during your shift.


  • The Pride hosts will not be responsible or liable for any injuries that occur during the Festival to the volunteers. Contact a Safety/Security Monitor for any accidents or emergencies. If Safety Monitors are not available, contact uniformed JerseyCity Police Officers or Jersey City Firemen.


  • Check out at the Volunteer Table when your shift ends.


Volunteer Agreement


In order to be accepted as a volunteer at the Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival hosted by Gayborhood JerseyCity LLC I hereby agree, for myself, my heirs, my executors, my guardians, and each of their successors and assigns, to the following terms:
  • I agree to assume all risks, dangers and injuries associated with being involved in a crowded event, whether occurring prior to (in the set-up) during or after (in the break-down) of the Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival.
  • I agree to hold all persons and entities (including but not limited to Gayborhood JerseyCity LLC and the Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival, its festival committee, officers, agents, contractors, other volunteers, representatives, and each of their successors and assigns) free from all liability, claims, damages, suits, actions, fault and responsibility for any injury or damages which I may suffer related to my participation in the Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival. I fully and forever release, hold harmless and discharge each of the said persons and entities for all injuries and damages (whether physical or emotional) which I may suffer due to incidents occurring, arising out of or in the course of the Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival.
  • Nothing herein shall release any person for damages to me caused by the intentional and unlawful conduct of that particular person. That is, for example, if another volunteer assaults me and is charged with assault by the police, then I may sue that particular other volunteer, but not any of the other persons or entities listed in paragraph two above.
  • I acknowledge that in performing as a volunteer, my name, photograph, video image, voice recording and other likenesses created during the event shall at all times be the property of and Gayborhood JerseyCity LLC and the Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival, their successors and assigns, and such name, photograph, video image, voice recording and other likenesses may be used by Gayborhood JerseyCity LLC and the Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival, their representatives, successors and assigns, for any reason at any time, in perpetuity, without consulting me and without compensating me.


  • I represent that I am over 18 years of age, have never been found incompetent or incapacitated, fully understand this release and sign it on my own free will. I also understand that my signing of this release is a material inducement for Gayborhood Jersey City to accept me as a volunteer. If any clause of this agreement is struck down or otherwise deemed unenforceable, all remaining provisions of the agreement shall remain in effect.
I understand the preceding rules and agreement with Gayborhood JerseyCity LLC and the Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival, and that by submitting the form, agree to be bound by the terms and conditions therein. Please fill out the Volunteer form below and click the submit button when you’re finished.
Once again THANK YOU for your participation at this year’s Pride Festival.


For questions and additional information, please email Paul Mendoza at:  volunteers@jerseycitypride.com