Kayvon, Leo, and Josh formed n0t listed together through meeting in the NYC underground queer circuit. While each band member is from a different ethnic background; Kayvon is Iranian American, Josh is Mexican American and Leo is African American, they were all born and raised in the south. Together they wanted to create a project that would embrace who they are and celebrate their queerness. n0t listed as a group name derives from the feeling of not fitting into any of life’s multiple choices. The guys each fall under a different aspect of the LGBTQIA umbrella; Josh identifies as gay, Leo identifies as bisexual and Kayvon feels closest to pansexual. The project is inspired by pop culture, feminine iconology, R&B and 80s + 90s nostalgia.

In a world where more than 10 hours of music is uploaded to the internet per minute, true stars are in short supply. First ever gracing the stage at the age of just 3 years old, Jamie LeRose is enjoying a steady rise to the top as a solo female artist. Inspired by pop divas such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears and Ariana Grande, the now 21 years old singing prodigy aims to cause a massive dent not just in the industry, but in the world as whole. With ambitions to spread love and equality around the globe, by writing inspiring songs that everyone can relate to, the young singer is well on her way to becoming this generations next pop icon.

Like many up and coming stars Jamie has suffered a fair amount struggles throughout her life and early music career. However, she’s never let it get her down and has stayed focused on her goals of selling out stadiums as a famous singer. At as young as 5 years old, Jamie notes she always felt like an ‘outcast’ amongst her peers. Often acting outgoing and self expressive, she became infatuated with the outlandish and eccentric stylings of Lady Gaga when she was 8 years old. An influence which is evident in Jamie’s performance style and recordings. Being teased for her love of pop music and suffering from physical health problems, her early musical beginnings were an uphill battle. However, she has persevered, despite the negativity of others, and continued to perform throughout her youth, gaining more and more mastery over her talents as she got older.
Has her hard work paid off? You bet it has. Right now Jamie LeRose has left all of her doubters in the dust. Replacing them with a team of people who believe in her and are working hard to take her to the top. In 2015 she attracted the attention of Don Lawrence, one of the world’s leading vocal coaches, who has trained non other than Lady Gaga herself. Her work with Don lead to Jamie linking up with famous record producer / mix engineer Rich Keller (Sony), to provide lead vocals for “Run Free”. A track that gained over 1 million hits online. Impressed with her talents and drive, Keller has now taken the pop singer under his wing, releasing her debut single ‘Fame’ in July 2018.

Twiggy Malone is a well known Drag queen performer in the NYC/NJ area. Who has been performing in drag for eight plus years. Twiggy performs regularly at Lips Drag Palace in NYC in addition to many clubs and bars in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Twiggy also performs for private events and has choreographed/danced in five winning talents at the Miss Paradise pageant. One of Twiggy’s choreographed talents has even been seen in the Miss Continental pageant. She looks forward to competing in pageants herself in the near future. 

Kimmy Sumony, is a drag performer and female illusionist born and raised in Jersey City! This hometown bodacious babe loves turning lewks and turning heads! The market might be crashing but she’s gonna make you feel rich. If you’re in the NY/NJ area, make sure to catch one of Kimmy’s shows. 

Octavia Anyae has been a high-kicking pageant and party queen since the days of Esquelita, and remains a popular and hard working entertainer throughout the Tri-State Area.


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Wuhryn Dumas is an independent singer-songwriter, producer, dancer and full out entertainer born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. 
Inspired by larger than life artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Beyonce, he cultivated and carved out a sound like no other. Wuhryn currently has a lead single buzzing around the internet called “2U” with a flamboyant, fierce and festive music video. With a self- written 6 song EP titled “GLITTER ON FIRE”, Wuhryn Dumas made his first EP debut on the iTunes Pop Chart at #21 on October 31, 2020 as an independent artist. Wuhryn has won 2 ParksRadio awards for best pop music video for “2U” and best pop album for “GLITTER ON FIRE” while also being nominated 10 times for a
PopSmashRadio Award and winning 3 for Best Male Pop Music Video for “2U”, Best Song With a Social Message for “Black Money” with MAR. and the biggest award of the night, ALBUM OF THE YEAR for “GLITTER ON FIRE”. Recently released, Wuhryn has a full live virtual concert of his EP out now titled “GLITTER ON FIRE” LIVE. Wuhryn Dumas is a ball of glitter and fire that is ready to take on pop culture as a phenomenon.