Grapefruit Sound Lab


GSL Interview


Robert Cotnoir,Andrew Deitch,Philip Caporaso Jr.,and Shawn Muldoon


Inspired by the golden age that defined the 1980s and the euphoric club music that reigned throughout the 1990s,Grapefruit Sound Lab has honed an eclectic and infectious sound that pays tribute to many of our shared influences, such as Danny Tenaglia, Erasure, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Front Line Assembly, Faithless, Junior Vasquez, and Sasha & Digweed, all while being refreshingly modern.


There is an undeniable immediacy, fluidity and inherent familiarity to our sound that is driving, narcotic, contemplative, and invigorating. Our songs are pensive, self-referential and philosophical with themes about pleasure seeking, wandering souls, loss, pride, jealousy, redemption, salvation, and the struggle between faith and fact, spirit and mind, good and evil. Without weighing listeners down with heavy polemics or indignations, Grapefruit Sound Lab keeps the mood thoughtful, sentimental and celebratory, seducing listeners to the dance floor with sinuous and ardently uptempo grooves.


“If I were to boil it down I’d call it rock and roll with synthesizers as opposed to trying to do electronic, trying to do house music, or trying to do anything else,” Cotnoir says of their sound, and…”We want to give Depeche Mode a run for their money.”