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We have an incredible lineup for this year’s Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival. Please click on their name after  “Read More”   for their bio, video or music and their social media links.



Harmonica Sunbeam



Harmonica Sunbeam, The Queen of Comedy has been delighting audiences at nightclubs, cabarets, fundraising events and supermarket openings throughout the United States and abroad for over 27 years now. Her live appearances have gained her a cult following of all ages, races and backgrounds….
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DJ Mike Cruz



People love what they love. And what crowds and club promoters from around the world love is DJ Mike Cruz. In the era of the lap top DJ, where most never learned the art of the live mix, Mike Cruz has solidified his position as the go to DJ for his live intoxicating blend of steamy progressive tribal infused beats and vocal anthems. A night with him is an event. The Main Event…
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She is the only  independent Brazilian singer featuring the duo “Altar” to chart at the Billboard  top 20 of the best songs of 2008 – 2009, with the song “Sound of Your Voice” and ” Can You Hear Me”, and in 2011, with the song ” The Only One”, competing head to head against major label artists from all over the world…
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Johnathan Celestin



“Raw”, “honest”, “heart-wrenching”; are words used to describe Johnathan Celestin. It’s hard to believe that a few years ago Celestin moved to New York with $200 and a dream. But Johnathan Celestin has always known the power of music…
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Radha 04 (1)

RADHA is a singer and songwriter with a four-octave vocal range. She recently released her first single “HIGH TIDE” and has live shows lined up at venues and events in NYC and NJ….
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drozeBLANK (1)

DROZE (born CHARLLES PEDROZA) is the latest act, and the first male vocalist, to be launched by GONNA BE MUSIC, the new label owned and operated by dance-music impresario MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ, also known as MICHAEL M. Bouncing back and forth between Miami and New York City his entire childhood, DROZE was raised by the radio, specifically the soul and R&B stations of the 1980s.
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DJ Skittlez



Born in Upstate New York and raised in northern New Jersey. Started playing musical instruments when I was 7 years old, and by the time I was a sophomore in High School, I was up to 7 instruments, majority of which were self-taught otherwise classically trained. When I was 13 years old, I djed my first party for one of my classmates’ birthday, and by the time I was 17 years old, I really had a passion for djing and keeping everybody dancing.
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Sugar & Spice: The Girlband Tribute


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.12.50 PM

Larger Than Life presents: Sugar And Spice The Ultimate Girlband Tribute! First we brought you Boybands now we bring you 4 fierce ladies performing music from the greatest girl groups of all time. Sugar & Spice is guaranteed to make any event one to remember….
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Grapefruit Sound Lab


GSL Interview


Inspired by the golden age that defined the 1980s and the euphoric club music that reigned throughout the 1990s,Grapefruit Sound Lab has honed an eclectic and infectious sound that pays tribute to many of our shared influences, such as Danny Tenaglia, Erasure, Kraftwerk….
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Plastiq Passion


pp band pics 01 (1)

Take everything you think you know about girl bands and throw it out the window because Plastiq Passion rocks out like no other. Their energetic and passionate live show continues to create quite a buzz amongst concert goers in New York City as well as nation-wide, ever since their 2008 cross-country tour….
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Writing and producing his own material, PRIMME’s music is heavily influenced by the sounds of Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Stevie Wonder – blending the styles of Pop, EDM, and R&B….
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