DJ Mike Cruz

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People love what they love. And what crowds and club promoters from around the world love is DJ Mike Cruz. In the era of the lap top DJ, where most have forgotten the art of a live mix, Mike Cruz has solidified his position as the go to DJ for his intoxicating blend of progressive tribal tech house, and soaring vocal anthems. A night with DJ Mike Cruz is an event. The main event.

DJ Mike Cruz is a household name in just about every major city in the world having spun for parties like The White Party in Prague, Gay Pride in Israel and Queens Day Events in Amsterdam. Add to that events in Canada, Singapore, Bangkok, Australia, Brazil and spots all over the U.S, It’s a wonder he has time for anything else, but he does.

Cruz can also be found in the studio working on remixes for many of today’s top artists like Madonna, Demi Lovato, Lisa Stansfield, Jason Walker, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. Cruz’s production work is in demand as well, boasting a line up as impressive as his DJ schedule. With original works for Brenda K. Starr, Inaya Day, Joi Cardwell, Gia and Wilhemina Models, it’s a wonder he has time for anything else, but he does; Cruz is also working on a full length album of original material expected to be dropped sometime in 2019.

What’s the hallmark of a DJ Mike Cruz set? “My sets are never one dimensional. When I’m at the decks you’ll get a sprinkle of everything; tribal, pop, progressive house — de todo un poco,” says Cruz with a laugh. He blends the attitude of the crowd and the trends of the industry with keen intuition to formulate a listening experience second to none.

How does a person do so much and still find time for a life? Mike Cruz is doing what he loves. Let’s face it: It’s not work when it’s something you love; you’re just having fun. He wants you to do the same.
1-917-405-1283 (USA)


2017 “My Fire”- Nile Rodgers & Tony Moran ft. Kimberly Davis Moran Music
2017 “Ageless Prince” – Jimmy D and Flock of Seagulls
2017 “Hell in Paradise” – Ono Twisted Music
2017 “Hips Sing” – DJ Sultan ft.Elephant Man Sultan Music
2017 “Hide and Seek” – Alexa Aronson Bryan Todd Music
2016 “Supernatural” – Anubley
2016 “Jealous” – M.E.L Universal Music Group
2016 “Music Feels Better” – Alexa Aronson feat. Snoop Bryan Todd Music
2016 “One Night” – WTS feat. Gia
2016 “Colors” – Michael Blume
2016 “Say Something” – Keith Cullen
2016 “Shine” – Mollie Jay
2016 “Solid Ground” – UNKNOWN
2016 “What the World Needs Now” – Broadway for Orlando Broadway Bares
2016 “Wild One” – Yaysha
2016 “Victory” – Karine Hannah Cash Money Records
2015 “Cool For The Summer” – Demi Lovato Hollywood Records
2015 “Honey I’m Good” – Andy Grammer S-Curve Records
2015 “Ghosttown” – Madonna Live Nation
2015 “Shockwaves” – Degrazion Degrazio Music
2015 “Universe” – Mohombi Universal Music/Japan
2015 “World” – Gia Extreme Records NYC
2015 “Don’t say it” – Amoray Fashion Records
2015 “Woman Power” – Ono Twisted America
2014 “It’s My Time” – Kelly Price Island Def Jam
2014 “I Luh Ya Papi” – Jennifer Lopez
2014 “Neon Lights” – Demi Lovato Hollywood Records
2014 “You’re My Everything” – Ono Twisted America
2014 “The Raising” – Five Knives Redbull Records
2014 “Bombs Away” – Gia Bella Extreme Records NYC
2014 “Believe” – Irina   Laurel Street Music Inc.
2014 “Ru- Red Midnight” – Ru- Red Dauman Music
2014 “Think Of You” – Jade Starling Tazmania Records
2014 “Pain Killer” – Erika Jane Pretty Mess Records
2014 “Slow Down” – Selena Gomez Hollywood Records
2013 “Awake” – Chris Cortez Bass Count Music
2013 “Not Without You” – Inaya Day Njuzieek Digital/Australia
2013 “Hands High” – Kristy Spinnin Records
2012 “Hotel Naccional” – Gloria Estefa CrescentMoonRecords/Epic
2012 “Kiss Me” – Noeila Pink Star Music
2012 “She Gets Down On Her Knees” – Yoko Ono Twisted Records
2012 “Monster” – Michael Jackson & 50 Cent Epic
2011 “Tonight” – D’Manti Foxy Records
2011 “How Do You Mend A Broken Heart” – Osha Kai Act 2 Records/Music Plant Group
2011 “Blackout In Wonderland” – Margo Dauman Music
2011 “Falling” – Jackie Madden Dauman Music
2011 “Be Proud” – Ron Perkov Perkov Music
2011 “Jump” – Gia Bella Xtreme NYC Records
2011 “Best Thing I Never Had” – Beyonce Columbia
2010 “Stay Strong” – Lori Jenaire NBE Records
2010 “Get Back” – Margo Dauman Music
2010 “You Lost Me” – Christina Aguilera RCA Records
2010 “Erection” – Bob- Coleman Madtizzy Music
2009 “Back It Up” – Gia Bella Xtreme NYC Records
2009 “Give Peace A Chance” – Yoko Ono Twisted Records
2009 “Body Language” – Jesse McCartney Disney Records
2009 “Just For One Night” – India Sony Latino
2009 “For What It’s Worth” – Sir Ivan Peaceman Music
2008 “Electric Universe” – Jacinta Chunky Music
2007 “U Spin Me Round” – Inaya Day Tommy Boy/Silver Label
2007 “Listen” – Beyonce Colombia
2007 “I’m Not Featuring You” – Taylor Dayne Tommy Boy Silver Label
2007 “Brinca 2007” – Ralphi Rosario Tweek’d Records
2007 “Deep Into Your Soul” – Friscia & Lamboy Nervous Records
2006 “You Know How To Love Me” – Lori Jenaire Dauman Music
2006 “It’s My Life” – Sean Ensing
2006 “Free Your Mind” – Osha Kai Act 2 Records
2006 “The Glamorous Life” – Inaya Day Tommy Boy/Silver Label
2006 “Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)” – Bob Sinclair Tommy Boy/Silver Label
2006 “My Number One” – Anna Vissi Moda Records 2006
2006 “Foolish Mind Games” – Jason Walker Junior Vasquez Music
2005 “Want My Body” – PierePressur Tweek’d Tunes
2005 “Voodoo” – Amber Tommy Boy/Silver Label
2005 “True Faith” – Kennie Groove Blue Records
2005 “Sunshine” – Georgie Porgie Live
2005 “Shout” – Sissaundra Lewis Global Records
2005 “My Life” – Jason Walker Junior Vasquez Music
2005 “Jesus – 45” – Hate Crime Pasidg Productions, Inc.
2005 “He Gives More” – April Harris Waako Records
2005 “Come Rain Come Shine” – Jen Cunneta Ultra Records 2005
2005 “Call Me” – Ana Vissi Moda Records
2005 “Burnin Out” – Lauren Hildabrant Hildy Music
2004 “You Move Me” – Amber Tommy Boy/Silver Label
2004 “True Faith” – Kennie Groove Blue Records
2004 “Save My Soul” – Kristine W Tommy Boy/Silver Label
2004 “I Am Tha 1” – Inaya Day & Mr. Timothy Tommy Boy/Silver Label
2004 “Feel Brand New” – Seduction Waako Records
2004 “As I Am” – Deepa Soul Junior Vasquez Music
2002 “Can’t Stop Dancin’” – Inaya Day & Mike Cruz Groovilicious
2001 “Let Me Be The One” – Sasha Alexander Maxi Reprise Records
2001 “Just Keep Thinking About You” – Gloria Gaynor Logic Records
2000 “Sunshine (When I Dance With You)” – Duane Harden Strictly Rhythm
2000 “Superstar” – Joi Cardwell
2000 “Movin Up” – DJ Mike Cruz Presents Inaya day & China Ro Nervous Records
1998 “Mirror Mirror” – Magic Dog Groovilicious
1998 “If I Had The Chance” – Cynthia Tommy Boy Music
1998 “Without You” – George Lamond Tommy Boy
1996 “Me Gusta Esa Jeba (I Like That Girl)” – Lucci & Cruz Cutting Records